I am a financial analyst focused on the analysis of small- and micro-cap securities, as well as a software engineer specializing in developing Ruby on Rails applications.

I've been building websites since Yahoo!'s Geocities back in 1998 and have been analyzing stocks since 2003. While the two fields may seem unrelated, they both happen to be interesting, challenging, and require constant learning.

Finance: I am a CFA Candidate that specializes in helping investors understand micro- and small-cap stocks on both the sell-side and buy-side through detailed objective analysis.

Software: I specialize in the creation of prototype/MVP web applications built atop Ruby on Rails, but dabble in many other technologies.

Ruby / Rails

JavaScript / jQuery


Financial Modeling

Quantitative Algorithms

2006 - Present

JDK Commerce Inc.

Founder / Owner

Financial writing/consulting for’s International Investing section, Investopedia’s ChartAdvisor series, Mitre Media’s ETF/Options coverage, and numerous other publications, as well as sell-side research, writing, and web development for TDM Financial.

Software project activities include the development of Ruby on Rails web applications in finance, advertising, and consumer-facing applications across numerous verticals using lean and agile methodologies.

2004 - 2006

Rapture Capital Inc.


Assisted e-commerce companies in identifying potential M&A opportunities, facilitated interviews/meetings, and drafted necessary documents, including letters of intent and merger documents in conjunction with corporate lawyers.

2003 - 2006

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Business & Finance

Studied management computer systems, business, finance and Spanish, while assisting in the university’s migration to a new CMS.

1999 - 2003

St. Mary Central

Neenah, WI



Simplified healthy eating.

Mar 3rd, 2015

Take Advantage Tax Loss Harvesting

Suppose that you invest $100,000 in low-cost exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) in January 2015. Over the course of the year, the U.S. stock market falls rather dramatically by 10% and you’re facing a $10,000 unrealized loss in December 2015. The situation may seem devastating on the surface, but there’s a hidden advantage in losing money that’s… read more

Sep 16th, 2014

Future Proofing API Routes in Rails

Ruby on Rails is a great back-end for APIs for things like mobile apps. A key consideration when developing back-end APIs is planning for change, since applications tend to rapidly evolve over time. Since external services are relying on the API, and may not be able to adapt quite as quickly, it’s important to implement… read more